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  • Distribution Assemblies ready for use.
  • These Assemblies are designed and constructed to comply with IEC 60439-1.
  • IP66 with residual current CB’S and Over Current Protection.
Cat. No.MCBRCD2P+E3P+E3P+N+ECurrentPolesMax powerPrice
Including plug/cable 1.5M. รวมปลั๊กตัวผู้พร้อมสายไฟ 1.5ม.
630.3506-059RCBO 4P 16A 30mA2116 A3P+N+E 6h9 KW21,700.00
630.3506-060RCBO 4P 16A 30mA1216 A3P+N+E 6h9 KW21,900.00
630.3506-0621P+N 16A2P 25A 30mA316 A2P+E 6h3 KW13,300.00
630.4506-0064P 16A4P 25A 30mA2216 A3P+N+E 6h9 KW20,000.00
Plug/cable not included ไม่รวมปลั๊กตัวผู้และสายไฟ 1.5ม.
632.3506-059RCBO 4P 16A 30mA2116 A3P+N+E 6h9 KW21,300.00
632.3506-060RCBO 4P 16A 30mA1216 A3P+N+E 6h9 KW21,500.00
632.3506-0621P+N 16A2P 25A 30mA316 A2P+E 6h3 KW12,300.00


Cat. No.Dimensions (mm)DIN ModuleDissipable PowerSocket HolePack Qty.Price
632.1500-000110 x 280 x 9548W11950.00
632.1510-000110 x 280 x 9548W1820.00
632.4500-000212 x 415 x 1051014W412,350.00
632.4510-000212 x 415 x 1051014W12,030.00